Services offered by IDS Fire and Security

Fire Alarm Control Panel

Fire Alarm Systems

No one would argue that Fire is one of the most dangerous threats to a building, it's assets and it's occupants. It is with this in mind that IDS Fire and Security design, install and maintain fire detection and alarm systems that you can depend on in such a crucial situation.

At IDS Fire and Security we use the very latest, proven technologies to be certain that any fire that may occur is detected in the shortest possible time and that any damage caused as a result is kept to a minimum.

Manual Call Point


We are able to offer you a design service that will give you the greatest protection available according to your specification and budget. After designing it we will install your system and give you peace of mind with our maintenance and service scheme.

We offer a package specifically tailored to your particular requirements and designed to include the latest and very best technology for your safety and peace of mind, 24 hours a day.

Smoke Detector

Smoke Detection

IDS Fire and Security utilise the latest in smoke detection technology adherent to the BS5839 standard governing the industry. Intelligent smoke and heat detectors are employed as appropriate to your individual situation and may have sounder or beacon bases incorporated into the detector itself. Each device has a unique address allowing a fire to be located and dealt with as quickly as possible no matter what size your building.

Fire Suppression

Your building houses your assets and with not only the cost but the time and effort invested in the contents of your building one of the most important things you can have as part of your IDS Fire and Security System is a system for Fire Suppression. This will allow you to minimise the damage done by a fire should the worst occur. IDS Fire and Security use the latest proven technology to give you the maximum protection possible. If a disaster does strike Fire Suppression systems may decide not just how quickly you get back to normal but whether your business survives at all.

Gas Detection

IDS Fire and Security can provide you with a solution which includes the detection of gases which may present a danger to personnel, the public or property. It may be that you need to monitor your environment for a deficiency of oxygen. The systems can also be deployed in applications such as underground car parks where the potential for a build up of dangerous gases, if for example the ventilation system fails, is significant.

Air Sampling

Air sampling systems can be installed as part of your Fire System to provide very early warning of fires when they are in the earliest stages of taking hold. The benefits of this are obvious, the earlier you know about a fire the better chance you have of minimising loss. Air sampling can be beneficial in a variety of situations including voids and atriums, rooms with air flowing in or out and computer rooms, to name but a few.

Voice Evacuation and Public Address

In certain situations the calming effect of a human voice is necessary to prevent panic in an evacuation situation. If, as in many larger buildings such as high-rise blocks, stadia, schools or shopping centres egress is relatively complex Voice Evacuation can protect your most valuable asset; people. IDS Fire and Security can integrate a Public Address system into your Fire and Security solution to provide voice evacuation. Pre-recorded messages which help to keep people calm whilst still effcetively communicating will automatically be activated in an alarm condition.

Flood/Water Detection

Water damage from flooding or leaks is one of the most prevalent forms of damage which can occur to a business, although many people still do not realise it. With such an emphasis placed in this day and age on highly sophisticated electronic equipment the presence of water can be a huge problem. IDS Fire and Security are able to provide you with a complete, integrated solution to monitor for water ingress and alert you to what may be an otherwise undetectable, yet potentially disastrous, problem.