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Nurse at Nurse Call Reset Button

Nurse Call Systems

IDS Fire and Security provide Nurse Call Systems to medical establishments, nursing, residential homes and many others. In these situations an efficient system is essential.

Our Nurse Call systems can provide one of several ways for a nurse to be called to a room or bed such as a push button, ceiling cord or a pressure pad. A confidence light may be provided to reassure the user that the call has been registered. The location of the call will be displayed in the appropriate place or a paging system may be used. Calls may be prioritised to ensure the maximum possible efficiency of the system.

Nurse Call System Ceiling Pull

Calls are reset in the room by the member of staff attending. This may be by a magnetic fob or button. More complex systems can be programmed to suit your individual needs and can capture data from the system allowing you to use a PC to analyse data such as response times and busy periods. This is useful in many ways to the medical and care industry and, for example, can help to ensure that staff levels are correct at all times.

IDS Fire and Security have expert staff who will assess the individual requirements of your project to ensure that you get the very best and most suitable system according to your needs.